Bimtab LIST features

Please find on this page all you can do with your Bimtab LIST construction app.

Menu | Works | Lists | Work Units | Products

Through the menu on the top-right area of the screen, will appear the following actions: Import, Export and Log Out.


Import option is for your pricelists. You may import “services pricelists” and “materials pricelists” from Excel through a .csv file. Be aware that importing a new file, the old one is overwritten and disappear.


While the file is uploading, you can see on the screen the number of lines treated and follow the process. For big pricelists files with several thousands of lines, the upload may last more than 1 minute. To create a compatible file for your pricelists please check our installation page here.

Export option is not available yet. It will be proposed on futures updates.

Log Out option will be useful in the case you want to use more than one account on the same device. If is not your case, it’s not necessary to log out the app. For security, if you don’t use the app for 15 days, it will be automatically logged out and you will need to log in with your email and password on your next use.

The top menu proposes the options Works, Lists, Work Units and Products.


“Works” or Projects:

Here is where you create, consult and edit your works details and clients’ information.


A simple search bar is at your disposal at the top of the screen. You may directly call a client from the app if you have informed his telephone number.

“Lists”, Estimates, materials calculations:

This is where all about lists (estimates, materials calculations, materials orders) is to be done. Create, consult, modify, …


A simple research bar helps you find quickly any list searching on all its characteristics: list name, client name, work city or direction, … Click on a list and you may edit the list content. Click on the list name and modify the list details such as name, work, client, … You may share any list with anyone through the communication apps available on your device: mail, sms, social media, Telegram, Dropbox, etc.

“Work Units”, services:

This is your pricelist catalog, again you may find your works units navigating through families and subfamilies using the search engine.


Tap the work unit that you need, inform the quantity and it will be added to your list. If you have no created list, the app creates a new list for you. Later on you can modify name and inform the work and client details about this list. To see all the list details, just tap on its name at the top of your screen.

“Products”, materials:

This is your materials and product catalog, again you may find them navigating through families and subfamilies using the search engine. Works exactly the same as the works unit section.

You may create your materials list from your materials pricelists you negotiated with your providers.