We created an application open so that every user can import his own pricelists and catalog in it

Each professional or company can personalize this app. It is quite easy to personalize on your own, check our setting up page.

If you prefer, we can do it for you. In the case of big catalogue, above several hundreds of lines, we advise you to consult us and let us do it for you.

De excel a BIMTAB LISTOur service is 100% professional and confidential. It includes:

– the adaptation of your catalogue in a compatible Bimtab LIST format.

– The conversion to a .csv file.

– Then we send the file directly to your device

– The remote assistance and help inserting the file directly in the app on you device.


PRIVACY: The confidentiality of you commercial information is the most important to us.

Our document management and work process, will ensure your data protection. Our personal is skilled and engaged with a confidentiality agreement.

No data will be conserved. All data will be destroyed when we have the ok from the client. Please do a copy, we can’t give you another one in the future.

The cost of this service depends of the number of lines and families you have in your pricelists (families, subfamilies, etc.). Our teamwork will adapt it. We need all the information on excel files or compatible.

The fares for this service are:


Line number
< 200 200 – 500 500 – 1000
Level number  0  60 € 70 € 80 €
1-2  70 € 90 € 120 €
3-4  80 € 100 € 150 €
5 o más  90 € 120 € 180 €

(Prices on euros, VAT not included)

If your catalogue is more than 1000 references or if you need personalization of the app for your company, please contact us and our commercial department will give you a personal option.

If you send us the information in more than one file, we will invoice you 10€ extra per file.