Useful for your professional life


Bimtab LIST makes your professional every day easier. Whether you visit clients, manage works, survey projects, …  this app is the tool for creating and managing your lists and proforma invoices.

As you import in it your own pricelist, catalogs, … it is 100% personnalized and occurate.

  • Makes easy the data collection and quantify the works to do.
  • Makes easy tcreating work lists, materials, services and works. Create orders, estimates and budgets on the go.

Mainly, Bimtab LIST is for:

Renovation companies / Utilities companies


Creation on the go during your the first visit your estimates, proforma and/or maerials and services list to be performed for each client. Modify directly any information with the client and leave the visit knowing what budget and what works are to be made for your client. In addition, you can from your phone or tablet your lists and estimates, print-it if you have vehicule bluetooth printer, and take the order signed directly.

Maintenance companies

Bimtab LIST is particularly useful for monitoring maintenance tasks, arrangements, material orders, etc. Always in your pocket consult and create your lists with no investment, using your own mobile phone. Share in real time with colleagues, contractors, subcontractors, …


Do you want to have a 100% personalized app to manage your orders? It is possible thanks to Bimtab LIST! Economic, simple, versatile, adaptable to any company and very easy to use. Create a list of orders for each visit you make to your customers; share it with the central in seconds and consult any information on your mobile phone or tablet. All you need without using expensive and complex machines!

General contractors

Create easily and quickly as many lists as you want in each work and share in a universal format with employees, suppliers, subcontractors, etc. These lists of units may be units of works performed, material supply, outstanding arrangements, or whatever you need. LIST Bimtab puts at your disposal in your pocket and a versatile application for tracking works.


The file compatibility problems are over. Our format is compatible with most programs, CRM, ERC, PROFORMA and billing. All these features make Bimtab LIST one of the best solutions for commercial and material suppliers.

Download and install Bimtab LIST now !

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